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The Pet Lovers Program helps pet owners quickly raise funds from caring individuals for an unexpected costly veterinary treatment.

After the procedure, veterinarians are paid directly, ensuring peace of mind for all.

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Receive an estimate from a participating vet and agree to treatment
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Latest Campaigns

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    Hello, Lilly is a 6 month old Shih Tzu. She is the very first puppy (Kid) my kids have had and they love her very much. Since she is at the ...

  • Help Pay For Loulou's Emergency Care

    I've had Loulou since she was a baby. My son gave her to me ten years ago and she is truly my best friend. Being disabled is difficult and L...

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    We have had Lucy for 4 months now. We adopted her from Adoption First Animal Rescue in June. Our intention for Lucy was to have her trained ...

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    Remi joined our family in May when she was just 8 weeks old. We adopted her through a great organization called Adoption First. They rescue ...

  • Taco's Tooth Needs Surgery

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  • Help Save Gummy's Legs

    Gummy is a 4lb Red Teacup Poodle. She is 10 months old and is literally the friendliest dog I have ever met. I got her when she was 4 months...

  • Elsa's Road To Recovery

    Elsa is still on the road to recovery. In October Elsa was rescued from a terrible life. Her tail was necrotic and amputated immediately. Si...


"The Pet Lovers Program worked extremely well for us. Without it, I don't know how we would have covered the cost of treatment. The process was very user friendly."

- Nick Elter, Owner of Ookami, Jacksonville, NC


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